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Aerial Yoga


What we Offer

In Aenaon studio we offer yoga classes and massage therapies. Our yoga classes include meditation, beginner, flow and hatha yoga. Our timetable ranges from beginners to advanced.Find the best class for your training and wellbeing.

Why Yoga

Yoga improves strength, posture and increases your flexibility.
Suitable for everyone with all fitness abilities.
Improves your general wellbeing, reduces stress and improves your stamina.

Start with intention. Improve with purpose.

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced Yoga student this combination builds strength, tones your body, burns calories, increases flexibility and brings balance and vitality to your life.


Aerial Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Hatha Yoga
Therapeutical Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

“Everything in the universe is within you, ask all from your self”




Connect Your Body and Mind

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